So long!

Wow, I was going to let this blog take a long walk in that wilderness, but it seems that it has found a way back to me thanks to someone with a bit of Hope :)
So I’m going back to basics: to say thank you…for the power of words, for the wonder of all things digital, for the ability to write this from my iPhone in bed, for the rain outside my window lulling me into a highly sought slumber- and for the desire to do this again, for however long it lasts. I’m grateful.

A Grateful Start (Just for Teachers)

Because today I need reminding of a few things, here is a reflection I wrote in July 2010:

For a job that keeps me constantly on my toes, I am thankful,

as I only have to think of those who have been made redundant to realise my good fortune.

For the realisation that how we treat people might be the only thing they remember about us,

I am grateful, because it reminds me to always look at the bigger picture.

For students who sometimes feel more like friends, I say thanks,

because they remind me to listen to each of them as if they were just that.

For those who delight in exposing what I don’t know, I am grateful,

as it makes me want to strive to do better tomorrow.

For colleagues who make me laugh at myself, I am thankful,

because laughter is indeed the best and sweetest medicine.

For friends who forget the misguided things I do, I say thanks,

because I am prone to imperfection… (but only most of the time.)

For the challenges presented to me every new day, I say thank you,

as it means I will grow and hopefully become a better person for it.

For the ability to get out of bed, renewed and healthy, I am grateful,

as so many people live without this luxury every single day.

And for being blessed to live where we do, I say thank you,

because I know I am safe, I am happy, I am loved and I am needed…

These are the little things we take so much for granted,

But, incredibly, make us some of the luckiest people to walk on this earth….

[N. Papasidero]


Precious Minutes

When those young people signed up for a camp in Norway recently, the furthest thing from their mind would have been the reality of their experience. Not even one week after the act, it astounds me how quickly we can forget about such atrocities and get on with the trivialities of our life…meanwhile, the parents, siblings, friends, teachers and colleagues of these beautiful young people are currently struggling to breathe in and out, grappling with the fact that the people they loved are no longer with them, at least in the form that they knew them. I wonder what their last moments were – were they happy goodbyes? Did they argue with their loved ones the day before they left? Did they hug the ones they love, or text, or call, or whisper the ‘I Love You’ that they really wanted to say that morning? Did we? Did we stop for that one moment? Did we make the time to look our children in the eye and really see them? Did we imagine what it would be like if they didn’t come home tonight? I cannot imagine, nor do I want to think about, what that would be like…. tragedies like these make me grateful that I stop, not nearly often enough, but that I do stop and think about how blessed I am. I would like to think that it doesn’t take such hideous occurrences as this to remind me of just how precious each moment is.

Small reminders

Sometimes reminders about what’s really, truly worth worrying about come in the most unlikely and seemingly insignificant moments – today it was in the form of one brief look into the eyes of someone I know, someone who’s husband has an incurable illness, someone who looked so sad and so brave all at once…I had complained about the breakfast dishes being left on the bench as I walked out the door….I didn’t when I got home. Realisations of our blessings sometimes slap you in the face like that. Most times they’ll pass us by because we’re just not paying attention. I wish there was something I could do to help these people – but all I can do is be truly grateful for all I have, and never take the little things for granted.

New beginnings

Thank you for fresh starts, fresh thoughts, new friends, new beginnings; we all deserve them every once in a while. Thanks for every day that gives us the opportunity to do just that.

Simple things.

Today I feel happy to be able to give my children the things they want for their birthday – yes, I said want – not need. I say this with the understanding that I really do know what a privileged – not perfect, not superior, not better, but privileged –  life we lead. I am also glad that I often find myself wishing we didn’t want any of this stuff that I see around me, because I do know that it is so completely unnecessary for a happy life and peaceful existence. But, through a twist of fate, here I sit at a computer in a beautiful home, in a safe, quiet community, in a peaceful country, with a loving family – and we are healthy and indeed have everything we could ever need. We have access to health care and sealed  roads and reliable cars and an abundance of food and a law-abiding population, for the most part. This doesn’t escape my attention, and I am grateful for it everyday. I am grateful that I am here, I am safe, I am loved, I am needed and I can even buy gifts for my children if I want to. These are the privileges of living where I do. I give thanks for it and hope that every day that I do have it, I say thank you, somehow. Like today. Like now. Thank you.

Just thanks.

Thanks for best friends – the lifelong kind – the ones that can tell you anything and are happy to hear the same from you. Thank you for the things we do not understand but are happy to embrace as real and significant parts of our growth. Thank you for different people; light-workers, the gifted, the off-beat and all-round amazing – the people who share themselves so that we can make sense of our own little world. Thank you for the signs, the messages, the reminders, the mysteries that make us think twice about what we have believed until now. Thank you for the time to say thank you, no matter how briefly.

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